Shay D

Without a doubt Shay D is one of the hardest working ladies in hiphop.

Whether its performing across the UK and Europe, organising the hugely popular “Lyrically Challenged” events alongside MC Angel. Running hiphop and writing workshops for the world famous Breaking Convention or co hosting the weekly “L.C” radio show, Sunday evenings 18.00-20.00 on Itch FM alongside DJ Shorty.

Shay D is without a doubt covering all the angles and is always putting in the work.

With her highly anticipated debut album “A Figure Of Speech” out now, we asked Shay D to tell us 5 things that most people don’t know about her.

5 things you didn’t know about Shay D

1. I love interior design & decorating.

2. I am obsessed with dogs, growing up with two boxers.

3. I haven’t eaten McDs, KFC, Burger KIng or drank coke for over eight years.

4. I won an MC competion in Cyprus when I was 18 beating 9 guys!

5. I have a degree in film & broadcast and created a documentary on UK hiphop as part of my course.

Make sure you go and get Shay D debut album “A Figure Of Speech” out now.

Written by DJ Myme


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