Kano - Fire In The Booth

Continuing the roller coaster of music and moments In 2016. Kano drops his debut “Fire In The Booth” for Charlie Sloth on BBC 1Xtra.

With his brand new album “Made In The Manor” out now, it was only right that Kano dropped a “Fire In The Booth” for Charlie Sloth, but did you know it was his debut in the booth.

Setting the bar extremely high it was full of surprises to say the least. First of all he didn’t use any grime beats, he used the mellow J-Dilla “Let The Dollar Circulate” as the back drop for his 8 minute freestyle. Most MCs use around three different beats in the booth, Kano evidently went with the less is more approach. With out a doubt one of the best lyricists this country has ever had you will have to watch this one a few times to truly appreciate the genius here. Spitting a mixture of hiphop and grime styles, with serious wisdom and knowledge is this the greatest “Fire In The Booth” to date? Shouting out Wretch 32 at the end of his freestyle with the line:

“Now Whose is best, me or Wretch?”

The internet is already alive, with talk of who did it better in the booth, with some people claiming it would have been better if Kano had used a grime instrumental. Quite arguably one of the highest energy sessions to date with Charlie Sloth triggering bomb after bomb after Kano had finished, as well as proclaiming “This is officially the one to beat”, then dropping an atom bomb saying “You did that in one take”. I shared the exact same reaction as Kano at that bomb shell, I thought they were all done in one take as well, evidently that’s not the case.

Kano has without a doubt taken things to the next level, a timeless “Fire In The Booth” which will only get better with listening. The internet already divided over who did it better, Kano or Wretch, Is this the best one to date? This is a top five for me without a doubt but the best to date, no comment.

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Written by DJ Myme


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