Loyle Carner - Stars & Shards

A man who has been on my radar for well over a year, South London’s Loyle Carner is a breath of fresh air to UK music. With his new single “Stars & Shards”

Loyle epitomises why he one of the most exciting talents in the UK at the moment. A mixture of Common meets Q-Tip meets Slum Village with a British accent. Loyle Carner is wise beyond his years, a man who’s content is deeper than Babes, Booze and Badman topics. He takes us into his past here, remembering a lost soul he used to know. A laid back, funk driven beat is the perfect partner for Loyle Carner another huge track for one of the most talented MCs in the UK.

Loyle Carner – Stars & Shards

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Written by DJ Myme


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