Weekly Wind-Up 81 hosted by Shante Hudson

Moose Funk, Ty Nitty, Large Professor, Juga Naut, Vandal Savage, DJ Shadow, Minx are all in this episode of the Weekly Wind-Up 81 hosted by Shante Hudson

We’re here with our 81st weekly news show

Weekly Wind-Up 81 Features:

If your fed up with your 9-5 just listen to Moose Funk’s “Getting Paper”, The track can be found on their Hoof Prints E.P.

Here’s Ty Nitty with “BQE” Ft Lil’ Dap​ and La Da God

Large Professor brings back Powerule on “Glorify & Praise” , The legendary sampler also features in the video as well as providing vocals

Here’s Nottingham’s finest in Juga-Naut & Vandal Savage with “Kings”, The track is off of Vandal Savage’s debut G.O.D.s

Now we’re going intergalactica with DJ Shadow’s “The Mountain Will Fall”, The video is directed and created by Territory Studios, who worked on big films in the past such as Avengers: Age of Ultron

Minx provides us with “Feathers” Ft Genovese, Feather’s can be found on Minx’s “Bars & BLT” mixtape out now

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