Weekly Wind-Up 82

Afrika Bambaataa, Crazy Dj Bazarro, ILLA GHEE, Napoleon Da Legend, Louie Skaggs, Robert Whitman, Prince, Ocean Wisdom, Eff Yoo, Ded Tebiase all in this episode of the Weekly Wind-Up 82 hosted by Shante Hudson

We’re here with our 82 weekly news show

Weekly Wind-Up 82 Features:

For weeks allegations of sexual abuse have been aimed at Afrika Bambaataa and this is the 1st time he has addressed the allegations with Fox 5 news.

Crazy DJ Bazarro ft Illa Ghee, Napoleon Da Legend, Louie Skaggs hits us with “What Chu Gone Do”

The joint can be found on his “Bucktown In Bazarro World” L.P.

Photographer Robert Whitman talks about his photoshoot with Prince before he was famous back in 1977.

The talented Ocean Wisdom brings us Ewok, Kidkanevil works his magic on the production boards for this one.

This is rapper Eff Yoo with his animated video entitled “Alpha Mega”, In the video, the Queens native is portrayed as a lyrical pimp.

Ded Tebiase releases visuals entitled Seventy Five, Seventy Five is Ded Tebiase’s recently released album on Village Records

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