Jay-Z, Action Bronson, Def Loaf, Ray Vendetta, Freddie Gibbs, Kendrick Lamar are all in this episode of the Weekly Wind-Up 103 hosted by Shante Hudson and edited by BUCKET HAT JACK.

We’re here with our 103rd weekly news show

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Weekly Wind-Up 103 features

Looks like Jay-Z’s coerced everyone to re open their Tidal accounts, as his just released his 13th Studio album “Four-Fourty-Four”

Everybody’s coming out the wood work, as Action Bronson is back with “Let Me Breath”

Def Loaf releases visuals for “No Fear” from her forthcoming album “Liberated”

The talented Ray Vendetta releases “Golden Darts” with some samurai lyrics

I just love the classic Mustang Freddie Gibbs uses in his video “Andrea”

Now here’s Kendrick Lamar’s pungent visuals for “Element”

Weekly Wind-Up 103 hosted by Shante Hudson

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