Jay-Z, Verb T, Pitch 92. Mayhem Lauren, Datkid, Run The Jewels. K Koke are all in this episode of the Weekly Wind-Up 104 hosted by Shante Hudson and edited by BUCKET HAT JACK.

We’re here with our 104th weekly news show

Weekly Wind-Up 104 features

Jay-Z speaks some home truths in his animated visuals for “The Story of O Jay” from his latest album Four Fourty-Four

Verb T & Pitch 92 from the Mouse Outfit deliver “I Arrived Late”.

“I Arrived Late” is from the pairs collaborative album entitled “Good Evening”, out October 2017.

You know Mayhem Lauren always comes correct right? Here’s “Aggressive Metal”

Datkid is back again with “Who’s Dat There”

The chaotic beats are produced by Baileys Brown.

Run The Jewels continues their escapade with “Don’t Get Captured”

Don’t Get Captured illustrates some of the negative impacts of gentrification.

K-Koke is back with a blast with “Listen Likkle Man”

Weekly Wind-Up 104 hosted by Shante Hudson

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