Weekly Wind-Up 97 hosted by Shante Hudson

Phresher, Jim Jones, Don Q, Papoose, Conway, Rodney P, Beat Butcha, J Cole, Avenue all in this episode of the Weekly Wind-Up 97 hosted by Shante Hudson.

We’re here with our 97th weekly news show

Weekly Wind-Up 97 features

Here’s Phresher with “Feel a Way” ft Jim Jones, Don Q & Papoose

Shady Record’s Conway presents “Cooked in Hells Kitchen”

Rodney P provides us with a track called “Untitled”

Producer Beat Butcha takes part in Mass Appeal’s Rhythm Roulette challenge.  Beat Butcha has worked with likes of the late Sean Price & Prodigy.

Next, J Cole’s neighbours video actually uses footage from surveillance footage of his home being raided.

Now you have Boston’s rising talent ‘Avenue’ with “Ain’t Issh Funny”

Weekly Wind-Up 97

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